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 Zuma Dynasty 
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Zuma Dynasty

See full instructions inside Zuma Dynasty arcade game.

Play Zuma Dynasty Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
57,138 Plays   3.7 (29 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 30,000
All-Time Highscore: 63,800

Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Zuma Dynasty:

super dragon!!!!jackndanni

i love the original zuma, but you have to give Zuma Dynasty credit at least it is different from the other versions. I HATE IT when some games they just change the name and its the SAME exact game as the ones before it! like all the mah jong games for example.SmokeyQuartz

addictive but tough, level five gets me every time,terryslittlegirl

im getting bettersallieannie

any one got any tips this is so hard but i will perseveresallieannie

Zuma Dynasty is so addictive anyone got any tips only cant seem to get past le vel 5sallieannie

omg this is so hard cant get past level 5 keep losing concentration but it is keeping me enthralledsallieannie

never thought id get a high score wow (lol)sallieannie

This morning I can solve the new zuma. owww fantasticarekbos

oh zuma you are very chalenging to me. Nuice . You are improve nowarekbos

this is definately a game for ones who have a still hand... or else my mouse is too fast... hey.. i could slow it down..... my hand moves too quick and i miss the spot i am aiming for!!! ahh.. practice!roseanne01

I just love Zuma Dynasty!Mayaye


Well I just love Zuma Dynasty! Not quit the same as other zuma games. But still like it.I find this zuma very challanging. And something to pass by the time.christie crozier

man first time ever tring Zuma Dynasty and i gotta say it is the bomb love the game gotta find it and buy it zuma is awesomehalf pint

Woah! There are many Zuma dynasty masters here!garyoak99

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Honey Trouble

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