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 Rocket Robin 
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Rocket Robin

See full instructions inside Rocket Robin arcade game.

Play Rocket Robin Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
92,166 Plays   4.2 (34 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 450,289
All-Time Highscore: 475,208

Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Rocket Robin:

unbelievably addictive....."one more, one more....ok, one more.... its great....although, there are times the Shuttle doesn't "eject" using spacebar. No big deal....I give it 5 starsBigJohn72

I think Rocket Robin is super cool and fun to!! kinda hard though but i'm getting better. lots of fun!!!@$_I_L@Y_DYING

This is pretty a fun game i like it ,But my arrow keys and space bar to they stay locked on sometimes is there a way to turn it off some how it makes the button games very hard to play.but even with stuck buttons i still like Rocket Robin . Thanks {moonchild}moonchild

getting the hang of it nowcasinogiant

very challenging yet addicting gamecasinogiant

wow!!!! can't seem 2 stop!!! defenitily one 4 my favs!!! (ARCADEBOSS RULES)D!RTYD@N76

Fun and challenging. No pun intended. Cool game I like it.PIX

LOLZ IWAS AT THE ALTITUDE OF higher than 100k and then ijust SMASHED TO THE GROUND and iwas still alive :Dedmart3

Loved this when it was on Top Gear, not a bad game eitherDarkstarsol

for some resone i get to 2ed place but i want to get to 1 so i can beat the persone who is in 1stshadow dark blade

woohoo 2ed placeshadow dark blade

This game is fun, i like itmitchboy

Keep it straight!mladen


At first I really did not like Rocket Robin to much because the instructions are not that clear to me. But after playing it a few times I'm starting to get the hang of it. So I guess you can say the game has grown on me. I would like to know just how high the rocket will go. Within the confines of the game of course.chuckee67

im gonna beat all u muppetscontentloc

momma im gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!andrewdietzman12

Grrrrrrrrr! I'd tried this dozens of times, but could never even leave the platform.... until . . . . I fluked that you HOLD DOWN the left/right arrow keys - you don't repeatedly tap them, as many games require for velocity. Well, now.... the sky's the limit . . . . :)Eagle_Kiwi

Rocket Robin is the bestcptjohnson

great gamethe young one

this is fanni magic av itcontentloc

I don't like Rocket Robin unlike the previous two comments.garyoak99

I like Rocket Robin...litwest

great game like it alotultragamer

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