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 Rocket Ninja Cyborg 
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Rocket Ninja Cyborg

What is cooler than a Ninja Cyborg? A Ninja Cyborg with a Jetpack that is escaping the growing lava!!!

Try to jump / swing / climb / thrust / burst as high as you can before the rapidly-growing cyborg-melting mega-magma-soup sends you into robot-heaven! Jump by using the arrow keys. Throw your ninja rope by pressing and holding the mouse. Cling the rope to platforms to start swinging on the rope. Swing faster by pressing left / right rhythmically. Press the down arrow the ignite the jetpack. Collect fuel cans to restore jetpack power faster.

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12,120 Plays   3.2 (11 Votes)

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Comments about Rocket Ninja Cyborg:

Rocket Ninja Tarzan; sounds like a great concept for a future flash game! It's nice to see they offer you a choice in controls. I like Rocket Ninja Cyborg. :)garyoak99

Mad props to the person that got so far is 3kAnimen

WEEEE!!!! he looks like tarzan when hes swinging not a ninja cyborg HAHAHAHA3styler

I stopped playing Rocket Ninja Cyborg after 30 seconds. That's how long it took me to realize Rocket Ninja Cyborg is awful.trevor1701d

I absolutely suck at Rocket Ninja Cyborg. Concept is interesting. Controls are a little too hard.JJenkins

Addictive little game! hurts my left hand pushing the keys as quick as you have to! :Dneeraffa

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