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 Bejeweled 2 Classic 
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Bejeweled 2 Classic

See full instructions inside Bejeweled 2 Classic arcade game.

Play Bejeweled 2 Classic Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
131,556 Plays   4.3 (37 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: None yet

Recent play by potleg.


Comments about Bejeweled 2 Classic:

even though Bejeweled 2 is not the newest most recent version of the Bejeweled game's it still is the game that paved the way for all other similar match three game's!!! one of the best game's of all time!!! this one revolutionized pc gaming in a big way!!! love it!!!@$_I_L@Y_DYING

what's up with Bejeweled2? I keep getting ''cannot display webpage'' what the??ree4349

all i get is a big black square with a little white square at the top left with a red X in it, game won't load. been trying for 3 days nowree4349

Um... this time I was absentmindedly clicking around and noticed only at about 900 thousand that this may be good.Confusius

Hey C. Outstanding job. I will continue to try to break a mil then maybe I can quit this thing. Congratulations.Kovar

I found a game I left the day before at around 250 thousand... and just sat to see how far it would go. Usually I crash on such unfinished games in three moves :). This time I was sort of awake and fresh, which I don't expect to repeat soon...Confusius

What's the point anymore, Confucius? ;-) (Good show!)WeFrost

my trick, when it won't load in firefox, is to hold ctrl and click the refresh button - then it loads properly in a new tab and I can close the old one. works every time.Confusius

AB is really working hard today to try to force us to buy Bejeweled 2 Classic, pages wont load, i finally get to the page to select the classic game and that button wont click, been doing this way too much the last few days **** OFF ARCADE BOSS, I AINT PAYING FOR YOUR CRAPree4349

Yesterday I scored some 600000, but wasn't logged in... so it goes.Confusius

ACK! Wouldn't send my high score! :-(WeFrost

Always been one of my all time favorite puzzle games, I never seem to get bored of bejeweled.DissonantMuse

not too bad for the 1st of the monthConfusius

hmm, not much of a score goes to show how long since i played. but i must say its still a good game & still enjoy it. i thought id submitt my first score then ill be able to compare it as i get the jift back of how i used to play. cool game..toni.dicaterina

hi evry1, wow havnt seen Bejeweled 2 Classic in awhile good to come across the ole games after so long, just gotta hope can play as good as those times to lol.. should be funtoni.dicaterina

Wow, nice score ree. Anything over 200K I find really difficult.Kovar

just hit 165904 wow took me over 2 hours but when you get over 100000 the scores really add up,doubt if I will ever get that high againxelurst

xelurst: Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try.Kovar

top game guys,if I can give a tip when you get over 10000,work the top tier only,will get you into the fifties!xelurst

well I just got first place don't expect to be here long. I don't have a high enough score.wh2angel

my wife is going to kill the top high score.aathedream

Very relaxing game. Makes you stop and think before you make a move though. Otherwise, pop you're out of moves.cberry56

this is a veery long game but it's pretty cool to playdiana Q

if you hover over the three menu choices you should hear music on each if you don't then its not going to work. All I did was refreshed a couple of times.....jackndanni

No, it just won't work - standard or large screen.mladen

If you have issues with getting stuck at the menu and you carnt play, play the game in large screen, it will play for you then, try it, it works. For some it will play in normal game size tho.-White-Wolf-

This game does still not load properly, been like this for months. It freezes at the strat screen. Please get it sorted once and for all.moonbapa

i like bejeweled games so i really do like this bejeweled games called bejeweled 2. With a little bit more practice i can go high in the scores.020510dekriz

I only got to 29000 today, trying to beat my monthly score.wh2angel

I am just learning Bejeweled 2 Classic and feel that I am doing very well.wh2angel

these assholes are so intent on forcing us to pay for these games it's sick. i cant even score over 1000 points on bejeweled2 before i get NO MORE MOVES. well if you want me to fork over my hard earned $$$$ you better start treating me better. i dont pay for **** like that.ree4349

my sister shushi is a pigalotss&has me addicted to bejeweled now hahahshun21

Doesn't even load up properly. Get the start screen then it does nothing?!demonican9el

does anyone even bother to check these games once in awhile to see if they are working properly? this is bullSHITree4349

when it won't load change to another size then back to the size you want to playree4349

I so love it but some of the high scores are insane cheaters maybe??shun21

what am i doing wrong? i click on it but it doesn't go to the game...?hol14701

I agree with many its takes skill or getting everything exatly perfect to get passed 10,000. I kknow its possible but takes true skill or just luck of the jewels lying in the right place.Love Buzz

I am cursed when it comes to Bejeweled 2 Classic. I play the first couple of rounds, no problem, then no more moves! I cant even get past like 10K! everSmokeyQuartz

why doesn't it work?Angelica.M.

Fun game but it won't load most of the time.Kovar

Won't load, just entered the tourni toomoonbapa

it is very long to wait to koadarekbos

Yes same here it wont load.DGG

won't loadtatty

I am so what should I say EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, wow who would of thought me first place!!!!!!!!!! At that mind you I have less time playing and trying but good consertration any one can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!quetzallatin

es una caņa este juegoarianna

now what? beginner to winner i challenge anyone to a battle of bejewled 2 classic -bee-yatch!!!boobie

wow so much beauty the colors bring much joy to my face you can trust that i will be telling lots of friends how cool bejeweled isWHISPER13

Can't even get to play the game, lol, it wont load for meJulie

love the game, game doesn't love me !!callielu

Well it's about time I had luck on my side !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nelson123......... .......nelson123

This won't last!!!nelson123

I love Bejeweled 2 Classic!! Very interesting!!tazz0406


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