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 Cube Crash 
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Cube Crash

Make matches of 3 or more colored blocks, the larger the group you can make the more your score will grow!

Play Cube Crash Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
140,748 Plays   4.3 (36 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by ckt1965.

Comments about Cube Crash:

I don't know what happened but I began playing Cube Crash today and was still on the first level when the game stopped and said I had the high score of 150,000. I went on to score 95,240 but it did not register as a high score with the other score on there. so something malfunctioned. Just wanted everyone to know the 150,000 was a mistake don't know what happened. Sax556sax556

Feb 2013 - seems to be a problem with score submit :( p=73768#73768Eagle_Kiwi

So addicting, love Cube Crash! Kinda reminds me of the old collapse games that I used to play all the time.DissonantMuse

A game for the king,you could do million on a game like this the ``cheating``way...the best i have seen is a 156,000.You always have to keep a open eye for level 5....If your a chess player,you will be good a thiis game.Don,t let this little game foul is a very hard little game.SANMAN

1st place on my 1st day....always love that game.Play it like 60 time before a got 102, 000 and got to relax and play it slow.SANMAN

i had a lot of fun with Cube Crash! one of my new favorite puzzle games on here. Its really easy, no timer so you can relax and think each move through to help you get farther!SmokeyQuartz

As of the last couple of months this is my favorite game. so frustrating to be at the end of a level and get caught with one block too many. Very addictingsax556

interesting but you get caught soonmasanimona

Okay. I do not get Cube Crash. It is really hard to get into first place. I need to work hard at Cube Crash before I get into first place. I'll try hard at it. I know I will.CrimsonAngel

Cool game but i think Admin need to look at #1 all time, over 2 million.2nd all time 100,000.may be wrong but i think thats not right given how hard the game is thats a huge difference,maybe im wrong who know's! it get's hard man!DGG

Cool game but you do get caught out.DGG

Yes this is addicting. I love it. What really gets you is when you only have one block left. AAUGHH sax556sax556

i like Cube gets a bit tougher as you go along which makes it more of a challenge..oh and Bucket, does a trophy REALLY matter??...this is for sure you can do it again if you try...have fun allpasnider

for some reason this one is more fun than the original game of this.. I forget what the nameis but thisone is addicting lol good luck all. I know some one is gonna kick my BUTT on this one. even though i have high score at the moment on the tourament ! xoroseanne01

This is a good game. Very easy going and relaxing. Everyone should try it a least once. And decide for yourself.daisymay09

this a good gameChris Frutoz

i can win this 1st placechase m. hakala

Cube crash is a deceptively simple game in which you need to get ever increasing numbers of blocks. Don't worry each time they add another color they cycle through the numbers again to make it fair. You will love Cube Crash. You will become addicted to Cube Crash. Don't say I didn't warn you!nowurmessingwith

Cube Crash is so funsoccer

This game is hard, don't let the first 5 levels fool you into thinking that it is not! Once they add colors it is all over! Have fun and enjoy.nowurmessingwith

Very fun, and VERY addicting game. I can't stop playing!Bubbles39mi

thats bull i beat the high score by like 50,000 and i didnt get the trophyxBucKeTHeaDx

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