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 Pirate Mayhem 
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Pirate Mayhem

Kill all the rival pirates while avoiding their bullets and destroy the buildings.

Controls = A/D: Left/Right; W: Dodge (+A/D); S: Throw bomb; Left Click: Shoot

Play Pirate Mayhem Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
12,624 Plays   3.6 (14 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by bidc.

Comments about Pirate Mayhem:

not an bad game especially for those who love things to do with pirates as i do but i can not seem to save game even when i get medal points worth...piratelady

Must be my old pc unable to handle this game anymore as I reached just under 4k and same old story -bad lag,unresponsive and took a good few minutes to submit my score.... :/neeraffa

Those problems below may be from distant past. For me, now, it loads/plays/submits just fine (though a bit irritating you must key in a 'name' before it'll submit).Eagle_Kiwi

It would not let me into it yesterday and it will not let me in today. You click on play, and it starts going through the rules and gets hung up there. It will not move out of the instructions which I never clicked on to begin with.dragonslayer

This game is very inconsistent. It doesn't load all the time when you try to play it.dragonslayer

For some reason Pirate Mayhem is unplayable for me - pc doesn't respond,really bad lag on the game when it does run but it used to play fine.... Really good game tho - just a shame I can't play it anymore.neeraffa

I think i killed Johnny DeppBeavis

haha now I can play againGreenfox

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