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Ghost: a word game about avoiding the inevitable end. Use your keyboard to play this game.

Play Ghost Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
16,320 Plays   3.3 (15 Votes)

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Last viewed by bidc.

Comments about Ghost:

Potentially great, but currently a terrible game - not enough words in its meager vocabulary.Tony Thumbs

This game would be awesome if it would post my score! They need to fix this!jigadre


very unique word game but, very challenging too. Sometimes it makes you choose a specific letter which can trap you and is frustrating. The key to the game is limit the words available to odd numbers and you must win all 5 rounds.rogbow

I like word ames so natuarlly I thought Ghost was good. I liked the fact that it was put a spin on it that makes it different from other games like this. good all around fun!!!! (ARCADEBOSS RULES) : )D!RTYD@N76

I just love Ghost, happy to reclaim the all - time too. My 79k score was played on HARD, and I won 5 - 0, with the words being 13, 13, 9, 15, 19 letters long :)-White-Wolf-

i love Ghost. Its a very Smart word game, very challenging. . .. its nice to play a word game that you actually get a challenge from :PSmokeyQuartz

I am very happy with Ghost because it's more fun then any other word game i have ever played and i love the graphics and words if you go on hard the words are long as over all a great game 5 out of 5Nick.P

Phenomenal Word Game! Not your average word game, either. Thinking of the perfect word is easy but having that perfect word foiled is even easier :P A Must Play for Word Game lovers and Strategists alike!!Sleep_Hurts

pretty fun and a different spin on the normal word games!SmokeyQuartz

I was pleaaed to get a gold on this game, it is a real challenge.I like these type's of game's:) It got a bit fustrating tho, if you are not thinking of HIS word your wrong + get a X, you can enter a legit letter for a word but it's wrong if it's not what the ghost is thinking of.Alot of fun to play.Working out how to get the best point's is straight forward.Highly recommend 5 *'sDGG

A very smart game, it's amazing how difficult it is not to make a word.Darkstarsol

Haha! I just leave this one on to listen to the music - what an AWESOME piece of music! Yes!Sime

A decent enough word game but i don't normally do too well on these :(neeraffa

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