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 Mk5 WorkBot 
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Mk5 WorkBot

Life is not easy in a robot factory. But giant machines, mad robots, dark rooms and lasers will not stop HoverBot Mk5!

WASD/Arrow keys to move, Space for turbo boost. Pick all power cells without crashing, avoid destroying cells to get a perfect score. Pick powerups to increase score, times or lives, but beware not to pick up the bad items!

Play Mk5 WorkBot Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
7,182 Plays   4.1 (11 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by bidc.

Comments about Mk5 WorkBot:

This game has always been fun and addicting, There is a tactic you can use to make it easier and save on time and get more points. Hint it's the P button =) Play the game and hit P on levels with the lazers, you'll see what I mean.Inevitable2011

A truely amazing game MK5 Workbot.By far the best game on this site in my opinion.I thought the origional MK5 was brilliant this is 10 time's better! 40 level's to complete, not insanely hard but a very good challenge + it is a great game for score improvement.Nearly hit 1.5 million,room for improvment for sure but not by alot.Prop's to the Game maker on this sequel, im very impressed. A strong 5 star's from me + thank's to ArcadeBoss for adding another 5* Game :)-White-Wolf-


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