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 Word Chaos 
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Word Chaos

Put your word skills to the test in this challenging word game. Form as many words as you can from the given set of letters. To enter a word, just click on the letters and press the enter button. Find the green-marked word within the given time to go to the next round.

Keyboard controls:- A-Z: Select letter- ENTER: Enter word- SPACE: Shuffle letters- UP: Reselect last entered word- BACKSPACE: Remove last selected letter- DELETE: Remove all selected letters.

Play Word Chaos Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
171,930 Plays   3.7 (14 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by rhall4455.

Comments about Word Chaos:

should give the meaning of puzzle word when times up? ? never would of guessed that ..lolMEL

there is a way to quit the game. Refresh and it will start oversax556

like Word Chaos a lot, but wish there was a Quit button instead of needing to let time run out.RollickyRuth

i will get better yes i will hahaha!heavysaxon

fun gamereganz

I've always enjoyed word games and this one is excellent. I give this one a 4 out of 5 so addicting.DissonantMuse

This game is fun. It really makes u think and excercises your brain.TRAV13$A

I love Word Chaos it's so awsomeprydnificent


addictive, but i do like Word Chaosterryslittlegirl

Have to agree, some words are acceptable, then in another game they are not. Game has a min of its own I think :)demonican9el

Note: once in a while the game CHEATS by NOT accepting a word that DOES turn out to be there when you run out of time!!DDT

In addition, SOME "slang" and abbreviations ARE acceptable and others are not.DDT

Seems funny that the best game I ever had was interrupted with a reload. Also, WHY is a word good one time and the SAME word is NOT good another time?DDT

Good practice for scrabble players when they don't have someone to play with.DDT

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