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 SpongeBob Sea Monster Smoosh 
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SpongeBob Sea Monster Smoosh

Guide SpongeBob thru this classic Dig Dug style game. Use Arrow Keys to move, and SPACE to attack.

Play SpongeBob Sea Monster Smoosh Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
135,233 Plays   4.3 (26 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 14,110
All-Time Highscore: 2,000,000

Recent play by bidc.


Comments about SpongeBob Sea Monster Smoosh:

This game was actually kinda hard for me. It seemed that I wanted to move faster then the game wanted to load.GinnyBoyd

come on, it's spongbob!chuckee67

SpongeBob Sea Monster Smoosh is so good really good!jonathanguns

i played SpongeBob Sea Monster Smoosh at nick.comsonicfan123

This Game is Totally Sweet! It's almost like playing "Dig Dug" for the Arcades and on "Namco Museum 50th Anniversary" for the Nintendo Gamecube! :-)Sonic2010

Mark my words, I will have the highest score with in one week. Or my name isn't Sam.chuckee67

This is a very addictive game. I really enjoy playing it. The only thing I don't like is the name. If I could rename it, I would call the game something like..... Dig Dug.....I'm just saying..chuckee67

If you a fan of the 80's Dig Dug game like I am then this is for you. To bad one can't connect a Atari 2600 joy stick that would be sweet.Lonny

Worth the playKahn

I got to levle four,and it's cool when those last guys run from u...I say "yay u better run"!!! (haha)MARIOBOSS$$

Fun game! :)garyoak99

Not a bad game... I really didn't get it at first but i ikept going... I got almost 20k points!!! Great Game... Try it now...numba1chump

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