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 Dr. Mario Vitamin Toss 
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Dr. Mario Vitamin Toss

Help Dr. Mario quickly toss the pills to kill the viruses. Click the launch bar to aim.

Play Dr. Mario Vitamin Toss Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
131,613 Plays   4.1 (56 Votes)

Monthly Lowscore: 0
All-Time Lowscore: 16

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Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Dr. Mario Vitamin Toss:

good game just gets old quik. still pretty good challenge. (ARCADEBOSS RULES)D!RTYD@N76

great game. once i brought onee virus back to life with an incorect aimbluetoad410

i love Dr. Mario Vitamin Toss makes me forget im not playing the nesThatCoolGuy

Good game, tricky at first but once you get the hang of it it becomes easier as you go along.SlimChance340

how boring can it getDeathStopper

Muuuhahaha, I knew I could beat 19, Take that lol MUUAHAHAHAHAHAH!RealGENIUS

Muuhahaha correct myself it not only is possible to beat 21 but beat my 19 baby!RealGENIUS

Easy and real simple. Shoulda added more depth into the game, atleast one more different action to perform somehow. Im sick of games with max scores and #1 ties. I don't think 20 seconds is possible to get. I'll try again though.RealGENIUS

Do you think that it is hard to get the yelow virs?mario lover

to mickster beat 1min.Roro1029

this is SO easy!!!!!!!Parker12345678910

Fun, interesting take on an old classic.soultaker777

i gess it was cool i really liked it tho it was the best game iv playd yet im gunna play it agin oh ya it was coolnaruto619

Dr. Mario Vitamin Toss is sooo.................... FUNmario64

i really loved that game and i hope others too.and it is awsome.ad31066

I like the game, mostly the addiction was to conentrate and focus on were the small pill was landing at.Legoman55

you all suck losers try to destroy all 3 virusis under 3 minutes and 22 seconds i'm the champ losers, hahaha!!!.mickster

o_o 40/60 i want some creditsRoro1029

Okay thats good Preety niceSonicdelta

it was alright i want some credits os i am going to comment on every gme i pla though that is wrong i think we should earn credits based on our score but i guess it doesnt matter what i think i cant change the site oh well i hope this is going on long enough i am going to stop soon if you want to watch some lp's see if nintendocaprisun on youtube has what you want his vids are really goodblake8u

i like this .comfwert11

I really liked Dr. Mario Vitamin Toss! Now this is the game im go'in to play more often! :Dmanaphy0930

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