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 Pyramid Solitaire 
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Pyramid Solitaire

Click any two available cards that add up to 13.

Its Solitaire

Play Pyramid Solitaire Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
231,342 Plays   3.7 (38 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 1,095
All-Time Highscore: 25,680

Recent play by rhall4455.


Comments about Pyramid Solitaire:


Are theses games still keeping high scores?? I'm getting my hopes up. Maybe maybe??GinnyBoyd

It doesn't matter what game site you play this on it's always a nice fun relaxing game that doesn't stress you out to play.GinnyBoyd

Fun game as they all are. I just learned within the last year on how to play these small card games and I can't get enough. I don't like how the pile is on the top though but that's just me.GinnyBoyd

You keep saying play alone. I am alone. Just can't see.wh2angel

Great gamebzap

Use to love Pyramid Solitaire..not quite sure anymore.cberry56

Pyramid Solitaire is interestingdeviousxepidemic



This morning I couldn't play Pyramid Solitaire . My finger was stiff and I couldn't click the mouse.wh2angel

Can't seem to get any place with this gameChris12960

Just wondering how it is possible for some of the times I see to be over 2 min (like 5 min and even one that is over an hour) just curious???????????PurpleIceMom

Pyramid Solitaire can be extremely infuriating there must be some way of getting the whole screen clear but i am sure finding it hard to do ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhstormy7472

fun game wish i had 30 more seconds though lolgeoman3

difficult to proceed upwarts to the next level..but we'll keep on trying!lassie84

Good game however its very difficult to get a run going.Just have to keep at it.geoman3

as the old saying goes 'its all in the luck of the cards!'neeraffa

Very good portion of luck. It would be nice if we could use more than 2 cards.marcman88

95% luck I reckon (I guess many/most solitaires are!) - I find Pyramid Solitaire not worth the effort. :(Eagle_Kiwi

Wooopppeee almost in the top 10bluecarnation200

It's extremely easy if you've been playing solitaire for a long time, like I have, lol! It requires the same nerves of steel that all world-class (e.g., Formula One) racers have!sevencube3

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