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 Crab Ball 
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Crab Ball

Use Arrow Keys to help your crab win this game of beach volleyball.

Play Crab Ball Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
14,916 Plays   3.1 (19 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: None yet

Recent play by akeo.


Comments about Crab Ball:

Wow Crab Ball is really hard to play. I can't believe how hard it is to hit a ball across the net using a crabs head but guess what it is it is really hard.GinnyBoyd

This game is funny and cute. I agree that the CPU gets better, because when you first start the game it's actually pretty dumb and has trouble keeping the ball from touching the ground, but by a few passes later he all of a sudden gets a clue and hits the ball back with no problem. Definitely not a game to be taken seriously, but it's fun!Honeydipped

Ace gameGames16

HAHAHA it got stuck on the other crabs back and I had to restart =PGreenfox

LOL. This game actually made me laugh. Not very intuitive though. Could be way better with more options.RealGENIUS

It seems as though the CPU actually gets better as the game goes on. That I am not entirely sure of, though. It may just be an illusion...Ernie

cute but lamedarkangel20

wow awesome gamepokey4ed2

This game is very fun. I laugh more than play hahajard

strange but plane................................... .....................DirtyBlonde34

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