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See full instructions inside Q-Bert arcade game.

Play Q-Bert Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
146,788 Plays   3.9 (30 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 93,435
All-Time Highscore: 1,021,600

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Comments about Q-Bert:

Levels 6-9 are missing, spent 3 hrs. to accumulate 600,000, played level 5 likely 25 times, I had 21 free men at the point I decided to end the game(took me 5 minutes just to kill that many so that I could register my score) A shame, because I would have easily scored 1st place if the game were complete. Not sure how 2+ million was attained in 4+ hrs. certainly was not possible in my session. Also, the larger screen size is unavailable in the competitive mode. Q-bert was always my favorite:-)Qbert Wizard

A classic, too bad this version doesn't contain levels 6-9... makes it very repetitive and extremely difficult to beat the high scores.Qbert Wizard

Loved Q-Bert when I was a teenager back in the 80's. So excited that I get to play Q-Bert everyday on my computer!Q*bdawg

BEST GAME EVER!!!! :) :) :)Q-bert95

best game ever!!! :) (:Q-bert95

Watch Wreck-It Ralah movie.tdickensheets

this **** is awsomegtms games

Yeah!!! Baby!!!trekmind

hey if u beat q bert, let me know in comments cause it means you beat meTHENOOBWHOPWNSONYOUNOOBS

it is a pretty hard but fun game. There SHOULD be more ways of getting lives, and it is kinda hard not falling of the edge... that might just be me though.TheMurph07

Q-Bert rocksArcadeX

I Agree With GreenMonkey101 It Should Have Easy And Hardsonicfan




the game is fun wooq-bert4

Takes me back to all the days I spent in the arcade. I just need to have the joystick that makes the game easier.marcman88

Q-Bert is very nice and fun but it should have more ways of earning lives in order to continue to harder stageshighrisk1

Q-Bert is wierd :(Black Hawk

this is a fun game but it should have more levels like easy and hard not just normlegreenmonkey101

Q-Bert 2004
Q-Bert 2004

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