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Europa Report

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 04, 2014 7:12 pm    Post subject: Europa Report Reply with quote

Europa Report is certainly a good film. All be it a low budget, independent film venture, it has proved itself worthy of a permanent place in our world's respected movie collections.

For many years now, space scientists and NASA, have talked positively about the good likelihood of life existing within the oceans of Jupiter's moon, Europa. However, it may be some time yet before the funds and expertise are available to send a real manned mission to the icy moon and see for ourselves what really exists there.

The independently made film Europa Report, not only puts that real life concept of a manned Europa mission into an extremely realistic light, but it is in fact the first ever film which dedicatedly addresses the real life possibility of life existing there.

Most alien genre films focus on strange life in other galaxies, faster than light travel, or the invasion of our own planet by an alien race. So how extremely pleased was I to hear of this very unique, down to Earth and realistic alien genre movie, which actually puts the "closer-to-home" and "modern-era-thesis" conceptual alien paradox into actual digestible entertainment.

Europa Report is directed by Sebastián Cordero and stars Christian Camargo, Anamaria Marinca, Michael Nyqvist, Daniel Wu, Karolina Wydra, and Sharlto Copley.

Six astronauts embark on a privately funded mission to Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter, to find potential sources of life. The footage is shaped by timeline, whereby half of the film is a "recount" of the mission progress from the astronauts' video blogs, while the other half is actual story-line footage of the mission.

The two timeline perspectives integrate with each other very well and in fact helps bring the film to its final climax.

For an independently made film the special effects, the acting, the atmosphere and overall presentation is certainly of extremely good merit. Even the on-board artificial gravity scenes are exceptionally well constructed.

As a personal fan of the Jupiter system and its moons, and what-more a somewhat frustrated amateur astronomer simply dying to hear of real-life progress at Europa, this was I guess a very personal movie which I simply had to see and which I will not forget easily.

Europa Report ~ IMDB
Europa Report ~ Wikipedia

Europa is effectively a massive ball of liquid water, encased in an ice crust. To date we have found, that wherever there is water, there is life. And now... now there is... Europa Report.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2014 3:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for that excellent movie review, Dr N! Icon_beerchug I will have to give that one a look-see when I have the opportunity.

I notice someone has already uploaded the full movie onto youtube. Rolling Eyes
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