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PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2021 11:15 pm    Post subject: « FLASH PLAYER » ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS TO CONTINUE PLAYING Reply with quote


About Flash Player
All the flash games worked with the plug-in "Adobe Flash Player" for many kind of browsers, and it arrive to the end after 24 years working, there are many reasons, one of them has many security issues and now is obsolet, no more updates and support and it was warning since 2017, was discontinued on December 31 2020, and bloqued in January 12th 2021 through in the new updates all OS and browsers.
Simply died Adobe Flash Player.

For further about the End of Life - EOL Flash Player:

Alternative Solutions
The best solution is reemplace this plug-in, but until now there isn´t, although there are some alternative solutions not apropiates, but help while there is a real solution.

For now the best option is to use the "Chrome Extension Ruffle" because it no works over Flash Player so it is an emulator standalone, although IT IS NOT a plug-in, and maybe it casue a slow, because consume more resourses in the emulation,but if your PC has a high performance so it works fine for now, for this reason is better to find a plug-in to play Flash Games without use Adobe Flash Player, one remplce it. but until now to me the Chrome Extension Ruffle is the best alternative.

No upgrade the browser.
If you upgrade the browser, try Chrome Extensions available.
For old OS and old Browsers are not affected.
For current OS and Browsers works mms.cfg file, or Chrome Extension Ruffle and SuperNova SWF Enabler.

DISADVANTAGES: Using Flash Player, the security issues are more sensitive in old browser and old OS. So be care about all that. For this reason there is not more support.

1) Old OS and Old Browser
I tried using my own option, ONLY THE OLDIEST
all them are not afected, because no there are more upgrades in the bowsers and old OS no have upgrades to remove the Flash Player, basicaly are not affected, but must to conservate your old Browser and old OS (Not Upgrade all them).

old Browser, Chrome, ver 49.0.2623.112
old Browser, Edge, ver 20.10240.16384.0
old Operating System (OS), Windows XP
old Flash Player,

works fine to continue playing Flash Games

2) Settings mms.cfg
This tool enable Flash Player.
For all new Browser and new OS have upgrades where is disabled Flash Player, but with this tool is possible enable the Flash Player.
creating or generating the mms.cfg file, must be placed in the next path. (check the Link, for further details)

IE or FireFox, 32bit: %WINDIR%\System32\Macromed\Flash
IE or FireFox, 64bit: %WINDIR%\SysWow64\Macromed\Flash
Google Chrome: %localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash\System\
Edge: %localappdata%\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash\System\
Linux: /etc/adobe/

this works with the current OS and browsers:
Browsers: FireFox, Chrome, Edge, IE, Mac OS, Linux

3)Chrome Extension "Ruffle"
"Ruffle" is a Flash Player Emulator.
not need Flash Player

It works fine to me using
OS: Windows 10
Browser: Chrome, ver 87.0.4280.141 (Build Oficial) (64 bits)
Browser: Microsoft Edge 20.10240.16384.0

And this works with other OS and browsers:
OS: Linux, Mac Os, Windows
Browsers: FireFox, Chrome, Edge, Safari.
Download Link extension Ruffle:

4)Chrome Extension "SuperNova SWF Enabler"
SuperNova is a Flash Player Emulator.
not need Flash Player

It works fine to me using
OS: Windows 10
Browser: Chrome, ver 87.0.4280.141 (Build Oficial) (64 bits)

or available in chrome web store too.

5) Change Clock Settings
If change the clock setting before before January 12, 2021 is possible to continue playing.

need Flash Player, and not upgrade your browser.

not sure if it works fine after the new upgrade browser because they have not integrated the Flash Player, remember not upgrade the browser because all them have removed Flash Player, if you have upgrade the Browser use other option.

Happy Gamming, enjoy it and be care full.
Remember all them are alternative solutions are not real solutions, I hope this help you.
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