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 Chaos Faction 
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Chaos Faction

See full instructions inside Chaos Faction arcade game.

Play Chaos Faction Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
83,521 Plays   2.9 (14 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 7,507
All-Time Highscore: 51,170

Recent play by Mimeke.


Comments about Chaos Faction:

Finally number 1 in Chaos Faction, had to use alot of tactics xDBandosago

THIS STUFF IS HARD AS HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:-(RyuMishima_7878

yes i beat my high score now i can get some credits i can do so much better thougyh im in class playin this so i only have a little. but goodluck to all of you guys you guys can do it. just keep playing. ive been playing for 4 years but i dont play it tht often goodluck to all of you. be a good sport :)speedyspeedster

yes i am in first place ya but i sucked i can do so much better i once got ovr 20 kills but i wasnt online i just signed up oh yeah. ill do better nxt time. :)speedyspeedster

i love chaos faaction. its the best :)speedyspeedster

I love Chaos Faction! The characters are hilarious, plus I love the Super Smash Brothers type battling. Survival mode is the best way to go for score, but you cant unlock character traits that way. Good Luck!! 5/5Sleep_Hurts

Stupid speed power up killed me almost half as many times as my opponents.Ernie

My favorite game so far because i beat it and got the high score.Awesomanly

yeah this is a good but not good enough to beat me cause im big-d and im AWESOME!BIG-D14

get me on crunk mode dat's wat i'm talking about woohoooDeathRover

good game i like itPWN THE N00BS

Vortigon is dead!! I lol'd at the 3 makers you can play.Ryan541

This game was AWSOME,i'm 3rd place first i didn't know how to play.arcade worrior

lolol wow, i cant play it casue i cant get it to load for me =Pbo bo bo

Wow! I've never seen ICBM THIS mad at a game! I take it someone has never played Super Smash Bros. Brawl?garyoak99

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