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 Jakes Inferno Pinball 
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Jakes Inferno Pinball

See full instructions inside Jakes Inferno Pinball arcade game.

Play Jakes Inferno Pinball Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
20,748 Plays   3.6 (23 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 1,557,400
All-Time Highscore: 17,397,100

Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Jakes Inferno Pinball:

I agree with Grimm. Today I played once - just past a million or so a ball got stuck. Immovable. Absolute waste of time playing. GRRRRR! :-[Eagle_Kiwi

Are you ever going to fix Jakes Inferno Pinball?grimm68

Fix the problem with ball getting stuck or get rid of Jakes Inferno Pinball!grimm68

Ball gets stuck every time I try to play Jakes Inferno Pinball. The last time it landed in the dog's mouth LOLgrimm68

Really needs a tilt for when the ball gets stuck.DissonantMuse

the ball keeps getting stuck on the flipperhoop2cool

yeah I had a major problem with the ball getting stuck it's a good game otherwiseTenchithepimp

Yep my ball got stuck it needs a tilt button !!!!!!moonchild

not a lot to hit when i am trying to keep my eyes on that fast ball,I trapped it several times but not much to hit,sorta fun though cuz pinball rox:Dreganz

That was really funPIX

Cool game, and yes the ball speed is very fast.PIX

my ball gets stuck alotroman

whoooo wow that ball speed your eye our but it fun try get top scoreGuerry

Pinball is awesome!cool390

sucks ball got stuck on me on my high score of 1 mil somting i had 2 balls left the ball bounce off stuff to fast its a blur so that makes it even harder to get a good score -10 of 10317Baseball

The game is kind of slow and the ball gets stuck.manganaan

well the game is pretty good i like the idea of to game boards in one is awesomesugar


the first time I play Jakes Inferno Pinball and I made first place I love itGoldfairy50

It's difficult to play pinball when the ball gets stuck on or in a flipper and it won't come loose. Add jerky scrolling and this is one pinball game I don't plan on playing again any time soon.soultaker777

the true luck of Jakes Inferno Pinball is not to get the ball stuck...many of times i have broken the hs but the ball gets stuck on one of the last ballsKTWORLD

THIS GAME IS BAD I TELL U BAD.(so bad the creator was fustrated.) Anyways its bad.sonic_0126

Hmmpph. Played 6 times. Ball got 'stuck' 4 times. Where's the TILT button ? :-(Eagle_Kiwi

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