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 Dragon Crystal Pinball 
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Dragon Crystal Pinball

All the bells, whistles, fun and excitement associated with traditional arcade pinball machines and one special surprise. This version also incorporates a secret breakout section.

Use the arrow keys to launch the ball and activate the flippers.

Play Dragon Crystal Pinball Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
28,218 Plays   3.4 (15 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by Guerry.

Comments about Dragon Crystal Pinball:

Keys stick and you cannot submit score... a real waste of time.grimm68

A very fast paced pinball game.nowurmessingwith

not a bad game overall but yet another game that doesnt submit scores regularly,not sure how many more times I will bother.reganz

the last two months it's impossible for me to submit my score. i don't play it againPSG 72

WoW, a 3RD place all-time on a pinball game :) Once you get the kickbacks in place it becomes easier, and Dragon Crystal Pinball has good controls with consistent shots coming from the flippers. Will be back for more, but that all-time is pretty high. 4*'s-White-Wolf-

my first ist place :) !!!!!! lolSue-nami

I don't think this is a very good pinball game. Way too fast, no correct physics whatsoever, and a very slow scoring system.Ernie

i actually really liked this one, the ball movement was slower than regular pinball which i really liked because its hard for me to see. . .. And the bonus round was simple but funSmokeyQuartz

I'm not impressed. Too many times you lose a ball without even a chance to use the flippers.ohiopl8

I managed to reach over 8,000 in points but when I submitted my score when I wewnt back to play again my highest score ever was not there I just got again over 3,000 I'm hoping this defect is fixed I really like Dragon Crystal Pinball and I'm good at itGoldfairy50

that is the shittiset pinball game i have ever playled and i have played alot in my timetatty

Just scored 512,000 then the stupid thing didn't save my score. Sod it.grindcorefreak

wtf the ball always goes to the side part and makes me losetaz775

the most lamest game i have ever played all i can say about it that it is the lamest game ever to be madeHasnain

another bad pinball game....i guess there is really only one good one: national treasureKTWORLD

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