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 Coin Stack 
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Coin Stack

Gather as much money as you can by clicking on the coins. You can only collect a coin only if it's not covered by another coin.

Click a coin to take it and grab as much money as possible in a minute.

Play Coin Stack Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
30,612 Plays   3.1 (28 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by bidc.

Comments about Coin Stack:

Can I [lay arcade with these coins?tdickensheets

one of my favorites! gotta play it every day!SmokeyQuartz

finally the game is working for me! haha took forever, im not really sure why it wasnt loading for me but anyways. . .. Coin Stack is pretty fun, simple and easy, but you sure get a mouse clicking workout! its hard for me to break that 5,000 mark though! i'll keep trying!SmokeyQuartz

just a heads up for everyone, my computer froze up three times trying to replay Coin Stack. I finally had to reset my computer. Hope no one else has any troubles with it!SmokeyQuartz

To answer your questions below, no there are no tricks or advice for Coin Stack except speed and going for high value only get 1 minute so you gotta be quick.try not to do any wrong clicks otherwise th ecoin you are trying to uncover gets minused off your score,and i am sure it is not possible to uncover all coins in 60 seconds so no 500 bonus.Fun game,really like it.DGG


I don't know why, but i am slightly addicted to Coin Stack. Simple yet fun concept. I do have a question though. If you uncover a 500, do you get 500 bonus?modermark

I loveCoin Stack sooooooooooooo much :D My fingers hurt though :((I_Dinamo

wow hard.. fingers going numb clicking so hard lol got to be another way lolroseanne01

wow tough to get a high score, or click any faster lol... will check all posts for some tricks lol.. anyone?roseanne01

i just dont get how can you click any faster lol... or is it more points based on accuracy> ..??roseanne01

nooooooooooooooooooANGEL M

To Submit you must type something (anything) where it says "Pseudo" - then key Enter or click "Enregister". (BTW, I wonder what country this nice coinage is - is this the Euro ??)Eagle_Kiwi

Wow..!!! Not bad for a firts time.. reminds me a tv game from the 70's, not my type of game...lito1942

i love the gamesupersonic85

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