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 Festival Pinball 
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Festival Pinball

See full instructions inside Festival Pinball arcade game.

Festive Pinball

Play Festival Pinball Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
15,365 Plays   2.6 (19 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 11,382
All-Time Highscore: 999,999,999,999.9999

Recent play by sonic321master.


Comments about Festival Pinball:

exact score at 12-08-2013 was : 72

I love pinball, but certainly not this one.. that was terrible. my..wasted my time playing that.bet1990

glitch with the scoringSmokeyQuartz

I have always loved playing pinball and Festival Pinball really brings back old memories.cberry56

now i've made a highscore that could not be validated..too much numbers in a row..lolPSG 72

and here we go again! 62.635.608.732.391PSG 72

Ok,new highscore again. 6.377.553.436.420PSG 72

yeah! new highscore! Exact score was : 3.497.384.892.524 All you have to do is hit the ROCK on the right side and the ROLL on the left side. than it doubles your score on and on..PSG 72

wow um that was lame. Usually i have something nice to say about every game. But i dont not for this one. WAY too slow game play. You lose the ball too easy its like you just had a shot of morphine and everything is in slow motion. bad game, smokey not happySmokeyQuartz

@john9571 Yes, Festival Pinball sucks big time. You lose the ball way too easy. You'd think with such a simple game, it'd be easier to play.Love Buzz

Every time it hits the bumpers on the left it goes down the middle....How lameGreenfox

Damn that ball is soooo slow! With a name like festival Pinball you'd think there would be more colors and lights and definately some good music but it was boring as hell and i lost balls WAY too easy on this one.SmokeyQuartz

The sound effects were nothing fancy. I personally thought they could be much better. A bit too simple of a pinball game if you ask me, really.Ernie

I have seen and played better pinball games, this pinball sucks...Mayaye

This game is ok its not the worst and not the best. I would prefer a different pinball game then this one !!!!!!!!!!!amoneymaker

Game friggin SUCKS!!!!!!! Big Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!john9571

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