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 Arkanoid Classic 
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Arkanoid Classic

The Classic Arkanoid video game, play using the arrow keys and spacebar. If you would like a more exciting version of Arkanoid try the flash remake Arkanoid.

Play Arkanoid Classic Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
123,429 Plays   4.3 (44 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 84,888
All-Time Highscore: 86,878

Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Arkanoid Classic:

One of my old Fav games of all time. But i think there were more than 5 levels...Yes? There are a few glitches in the might notice that the energy ball will pass thriugh the multiple hits blocks from the bottom. I have completed the game now many times and i can't seem to get more t han 85 odd thousand. I'm not sure how the all-time highscore was i never used the laser which eliminates blocks,but does not score points. All the same great game. At least it doesn't cost me so many quarters now-LOLstonedferret

i love classic games this is a pixel games a very old game call nothing this is some pinball hey ilove it to i love arcade boss games my name on arcade boss games are philipbajs is my profile name add me please i love it subscribe and rate this commentphilipbajs

Jigadre is the man! You cannot defeat me! All Kerkers better bow down and respect the king!!!jigadre

Still the best....for the month.jigadre

Jigadre is the best! Nobody can beat me!!! All challengers step up and get beat clowns (wanka wanka)jigadre

that brings back memories of needing quartersreganz

Truly a classic. Many, many hours my brother and I played on Arkanoid Classic. I was good, but my brother was always a little better.PIX

Can't go wrong with a classic game. Perfect time killer, just wish I had a little more patience :)SouthP

It's games like this that make me think I'll be losing a lot of time in the Retro Museum :)Mamoo

I love Arkanoid Classic but im soo bad at it! lol i cant even pass the first level :( but i still have fun! lolSmokeyQuartz

Arkanoid Classic may be really easy to other people but i find it really hard! im bad at these kind of games lol I cant pass the first level, but im trying!!SmokeyQuartz

Arkanoid Classic is quite easy its a pity it only has five levels. Sometimes I finish with up to five lives left . maybe one day I will find a game of arkanoid that doesn't require super skills and goes on a bit longerCliffordR

Man, Arkanoid Classic is HARD! But still, it is fun. I got into 4th place in Arkanoid Classic. I may not make it into first place but, I will try my best at it one day. One day,I will get into first place. It will take me alot of practice, but I will get there. One day, I will.CrimsonAngel

Love the old classics. I played this type game on king game site for $, won a little bit O cash too =) I LOVE IT!. I'll play longer later.EmC2Games

Ernie, that "D" option goes to php?page=arkanoid_level_editor - which is an expired website, so I guess NO designing 4 u.Eagle_Kiwi

I would like to design a level, but I don't know how to get to the link and my popup blocker is not letting me get there from the game. Does anyone have the link?Ernie

l loved it it was great i'm gonna play it all the time and it was pretty simplecoolkidzoomer

Nice game!IcSpots

Love Arkanoid Classic hehe!IcSpots

SHORT game!garyoak99


Arkanoid Classic is real goodsnoop11$$

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