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 National Treasure Pinball 
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National Treasure Pinball

Great pinball action. Down Arrow for plunger, Left and Right Arrows for flippers.

Play National Treasure Pinball Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
27,279 Plays   4.1 (35 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 101,690,000

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Recent play by 020510dekriz.


Comments about National Treasure Pinball:

ill have you know i got that score from playong long and hard pure pinball geniuskiwifootsouljahz

Yes I agree with Eagle_Kiwi....what went wrong ? I don't know but in the left upper corner the ball came into the bumper and it didn't get come out for more then 5 minutes, I guess ! That's why the "idiot score" lol !Bomber

Pretty good pinball game. I feel it's more responsive than a lot of other pinball games on this site. But it's flawed, not as much as other games.Love Buzz

Not exactly physically correct, but it certainly is responsive. I'll give it at least that. ;)Ernie

this was pretty fun. Id rate it 4 stars, not quite 5. With the movie aside and rating it just as a game its not perfect but its enjoyable and its got me hooked. First time i played i played ten times lol I wish the speed of play was a little fasterSmokeyQuartz

very good game easy to score. can yall beat that/kellyklan5

National Treasure Pinball is awesome i lovee pinball! YEAH MANtaz775

I actually enjoy it , but I must need a long time to wait it to start. Can It be faster ?arekbos

Presentation and Graphics: 5/5. Gameplay: 1/5. Errant ball physics are abound, there were plenty of times where I should've lost a ball due to a flipper being up and the ball passing through the gap, but letting go magically made the ball come up above the flipper. Also, the outside "flags" replacing kickbacks don't do much as it seems the ball just bounces off of it and then immediately right back down that out lane, which makes those ball-saving flags pointless.soultaker777

Once I get used to National Treasure Pinball . I will dominate it like no other has ever dominated it before. For I am the greatest pinball player that has ever walked the EARTH, and I will spare no one the AGONY of DEFEAT! NELSON123nelson123

i havent seen the new movie yet but this pinball game is absolutely amazeing im addicted to National Treasure Pinball already i cant stop playing it :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !SpikeXEpidemic

Really fun pinball game!! like it a lot..Mayaye

game kinda hard kinda easy most likele hard game fun thoughtit a grate gamecoolkevin

great pinball game plus the bonus are very good 9in a half outa 10mrg7698

nice gamelilzed

national treasure iz the bomb cant stop playin im addicted i got to 10th place but im still tryin to nerow it down thanks arcade bossmagic7592000


Awesome blend of good play control and entertaining effects...well madeKTWORLD

Now THAT's what I call a NICE pinball - great balance between too little and too much. Perhaps the best one on ArcadeBoss, in my view. :-)Eagle_Kiwi

I've actually seen the movie too. It wasn't as bad as I had feared; I would post some spoilers for the movie here but I don't think everyone here has seen the movie! ;)garyoak99

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