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 Ms. Pacman 
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Ms. Pacman

See full instructions inside Ms. Pacman arcade game.

Play Ms. Pacman Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
311,569 Plays   4.2 (59 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 515,950
All-Time Highscore: 1,449,200

This game does not count for prizes or contests.

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Recent play by theRTTC!.


Comments about Ms. Pacman:

Greaaat game!blancokarlSTM

Wow how fun is it!!salvaoSTM

Even though it cheated me (Going opposite way I send it) I still got 2nd place.poefranz

6th place "0"???? what the?poefranz


I really like how much like the original game this version is. It's not exactly like it, but I enjoy playing it, regardless...whitewolfndove

I love Ms. Pac-man! and other games on this website... they're great!whitewolfndove

i play this more often then pacman Ms pacman is easier I couldnt get past lv 1 is pac-man but in ms pac-man i can get to lv 4lolman123

get it get it get it girl~~~init2winit


level 2! i die i die i die ok i give upvoituapokemon

i llllooove Ms. Pacman...... even though i can't get passed level 1voituapokemon

Ms. Pacman was classic and the were some flaws like how the eye looks like a mole and how the ghosts go fast in the beginning instead of their normal speed.yoshie

im getting better at Ms. Pacman soon i will get a good score lol i hopecharles1989

Ms. Pacman is hard but i find it easy then pacman its self and i like all the different stages on ms pacman and how the color changes ts awesome!charles1989

this is a great game that brings back old memorys from the 80's its addicting and you just cant stop playing itcharles1989

i love ms pacmancharles1989

my scores is getting betta & betta!! i guess i need 2 b home alone often lol!!!init2winit

not having one of my best game,feel like some1 messing with my computer lolinit2winit

i so luv this website,hv so many great games im on the computer all day but Ms. Pacman is the best.init2winit

great game!!init2winit

Another game I like a lot. It's very challenging but i like a good challenge. I didn't do as good as I wanted to but I can do better. I just need to practice more.RachelMV

To pause the game press P on your keypadgrindcorefreak

how do u pause the gamencrowder6308

Five lives are not enough for Ms. Pacman. Those ghosts aren't messing around. I don't even bother trying to get any cherry, strawberry, orange or whatever else there is. It's hard to clear the board as it is.Blazed

i hate those little ghosts... they corner me so much..........diana Q of the month....lets c if i can crack 100000..that will be kewl!!!gomzi

ive always hated pac man. Those damn ghosts move way too fast! ive never been any good at it, maybe thats why i hate it! Wheres 'wack a mole?' now thats fun lmaoSmokeyQuartz

whooo new score..lolallysun

new score yayallysun

woooooooooooo 15th place!!!allysun

ahhh i love Ms. Pacman but suck at it so far...allysun

Ms. pacman...YAyallysun fingers hurt...lolallysun


love Ms. Pacman... i suck at it, but it's fun :)hol14701

good pacman copy.....liked it alotgetatme27


This is almost like the Ms. Pacman arcade game I used to play when I was a little girl. I used to have a mobile version of it but I gave my cell phone away. But I'll get the game back eventually. This is a good game so far. I had fun.CrimsonAngel


a true classic is always the best game.kellyklan5

the closest i have ever gotten to is 47,000 for a score. i stink at this game. i need some more credits to enter a tournament. how many credits do you guys have?yoyoyoyo

yes i finally became number one of the month.even though i looking to get at least past thirtythousand,but i only got past seventeenthousandyoyoyoyo

i love this. i was wondering does this game ever end? tomorrow i am so going to be number 1 on both leader boards. yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo

i love thisyoyoyoyo

Eat Orange! you .... ghosts!Kahn

this is complicated... crazy little ghosts...peke420

Ican't belive I finally made first place ya baby come and get itGoldfairy50

well took me a while but here it is finally an update its been a long time since the last one feels good alot of time spent on just one game but very addictingGoldfairy50

I love pacman, or should I say ms pacman lol. I use to play this for HOURS on end at the arcade, I was good to, we had pacman tournaments and everything. They should come out with a new arcade version some day.EmC2Games

eventually I will get better it just takes time at least my granddaughters can't beat me yet but eventually they will get better too.Goldfairy50

Ms.Pacman is the greatest game ever established and I want to represent this comment to Ms. Pacman. I love ms.Pacman so much.I never seen something so fasanating. It's already been played 103,507 times and is new to Ms. Pacman website.I love Ms.Pacman so much I'd cry if anyone was able to let it vanish.diva101

Ms. Pacman is badNano

Ms. Pacmans is the best i made it to level 20 and got game over send me a message if you think im lieingdiva101


haha ^^kairy11

close enougḥ̣&

Bull. I'm not going to stop until I win D=.̣̣&

this was goodRASHON

whats happening with pacman its not there ms pac suxtracy

I remember the first laser arcade game. Dragon's Lair. Teddy Ruxpin says hi. He Back! www.teddyruxpun.comtdickensheets

hmm...not many playersthebluesamurai

It's a kick ass game, but I need to get into the flow of it again.thebluesamurai

not badcatwin_xp

Great! Just pushed it up a little more lol i will hit 100,000 soon enough once i find the right music to listen to while playin!K'ologY

Just came back to arcade boss and got the 1st place for the month. 83,950! ...i think it's easier than i first thought it was so i may go for the all time high score lolK'ologY

Yes 4th Place title holderGuyhl4321

Ms. Pacman is so easy to not loose a life until the third level i cant get enough of Ms. Pacman i could play for days straightkilla2143

cant get enough of ms. pacmanMr.Mexico

I finally beat my own high score twice this week yes I am well on my way practise makes better I am so happy ms. pacman is back I really missed playing it.Goldfairy50

i love Ms. Pacmansouth side

bite me!!!nelson123

finally beat my high score 64,000 I will beat that I can't get enough of Ms. Pacman keeps me on the edge never the same!Goldfairy50

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