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 Sonic Bowling 
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Sonic Bowling

See full instructions inside Sonic Bowling arcade game.

Play Sonic Bowling Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
100,728 Plays   3.9 (54 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 5,459
All-Time Highscore: 10,000

Recent play by Bafusa.


Comments about Sonic Bowling:

This game is stupid - I just shot a "Perfect" game, and got 6000, well below the monthly and overall highs.ThrillerFan

This is a very fun bowling game. I love how you don't know where the ball is going to hit until after it curves then bam it hits. Love it!GinnyBoyd

Still don't get exactly how you guide the ball but I'm getting good enough scores so I'm not going to complain.GinnyBoyd

I don't know how I keep getting strikes when he curves and swerves everywhere but I do.GinnyBoyd


pretty fun game even though it isn't a bowling game as much as luck and acuracy skee ball kjnd of game but still fun none the less!!! : ) ARCADEBOSS RULES!!!!! : )D!RTYD@N76

Hmmmm... It took 1 second to score exactly 10,000 points? Kinda suspicious if you ask me... Decent game, 3/5Avelocity88

I had a fun time playing Sonic Bowling. I love bowling in real life. I used to go out a lot with church groups,friends,family,birthdays, and dates. Cool game.RachelMV

Sonic Bowling is what timing and consistancy are all about, love it!!!! gonna get perfect game + score if it kills me!!! lolD!RTYD@N76

Nice game, seemed like the most unlikely shots produced the best chances for strikes, or maybe it was just me :PSouthP

yeah3x im good at Sonic Bowling 5 strikes in a rowjonnymedina23

Really fun.. And easy!!! :)horseluvr

It seems like it's really random. You can aim it at the same exact spot, bowl the same exact shot...but you get a different outcome each time. That's the only thing I don't like about bowling games on this site. If there was any consistency, I'd be able to bowl a perfect game each time.Love Buzz

Wow i got the 1st placewysamx

not too badwysamx

Just one time and got it guys oh my god that was greatwysamx

like Sonic Bowlingwysamx

i love sonic. Sonic Bowling is a little hard to control but it is still fun!!!!!!kellyklan5

HUH?! I give up on Sonic Bowling,worked out a very consistant way to get strikes,got 9 strikes with one SPARE and only got 4700?? good game but scoring system is very weird,9 strikes and 1 spare and im only halve way to the highscore,errr ok?!DGG

i dont really like Sonic Bowling when you throe sonic he seems to go to a random side which makes you mess up a lot i also found it boring and not fun at all i give Sonic Bowling a 3 out of 10 not the best game out there and not worth your timetaz775

Sonic Bowling is the shizzzzJ3FF

like it !!!Bomber

this is the first time i have played Sonic Bowling it is very good i like it easy to play once you get use to it .carol o'neile

I LIKE SONIC hes coolerruben1

Sonic Bowling was the waerst bollin game i ever plaedgtredx13

woohoo 1st placerobz_girl

Sonic Bowling was ok because i got 6.5k score from by showing up my little brother :Pfailed website

watz up just showing arcade boss some mz-jade luvmz-jade

finally i got the monthy best!Chaos Fire V

hey, who ever made this! I like your game, but may you put more people in it, or at LEAST Shadow the hedgehog? Shadow's my fav.shadowfan


this is an awsome game also i think its a challage.The reason why is because its all about the timming and you need pasiants too.naruto321

wot a load of fixed bowling fit me up y dont yacontentloc

Sonic Bowling is okthe young one


Yhis waz so boring =)brittney

omg please remake this cuz this is teribulemegamanx564


super fun my fansswordlord

this is ausomebadmancrypto


I rock your socks offxxevilduckeevv

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