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 Power Pinball 
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Power Pinball

Pinball, with powerups. Tag different groups of mushrooms to activate special modes, get huge bonuses and point streaks!

Use down key to launch ball, left and right arrow keys to control your flippers, up key to tilt.

Play Power Pinball Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
22,506 Plays   4.0 (23 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by cjenglish.

Comments about Power Pinball:

what no score wow i did pretty good wow that a shame not score the game well i enjoy the game it is fun play Power PinballGuerry

good game just having problems getting it to submit my score so it will show up...piratelady

In my score over 53.000.000 I did use a break with the P... I had really red fingertips from using the arrowkeys LOLBomber

wow pretty good game i am get where i like tPower Pinball alsomeGuerry

still nice game to play you have to react a whole lot quicker then in other pinball games !Bomber

Very different from most pinball games. Good idea, adding fruit and bugs as hittable objects. But still, it seems there's something missing.Love Buzz

a very different kind of pinball, the ball moves super slow which i like, it was fun. lots of stuff going onSmokeyQuartz

Best pinball game I've played on here =)Greenfox

Pinbalgames...I LIKE them...this one looks very good, only you have to watch carefully to your screen..sometimes you can't follow the ball...unbelievable fast..from one field to another ! but anyway..i love to play...Bomber

very different and has some power in flippersgeoman3

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