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Shoot them down, blast them up. There is something primal and satisfying about flying around and sending little projectiles across the screen to take down those offensive enemies. Known by those who love them as "shmups", they are arguably the classic video game format. Hop into the cockpit, arm the weapons and try out our shooters.

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Arcade Boss Games Activities Best Player Highscores
<i>Play</i> Rapid 2
Play Rapid 2 (11,310)

letsplay played last

<i>Play</i> Zombo Buster
Play Zombo Buster (15,468)

greeneggsiam played last

<i>Play</i> Zombies In The Shadow The Saviour 2
Play Zombies In The Shadow The Saviour 2 (15,360)

magic1979 played last

<i>Play</i> Infinity 2
Play Infinity 2 (25,908)

sunny22 played last

This arcade game has honor medals
<i>Play</i> Aigor Savior
Play Aigor Savior (4,470)

goldenboy1980 played last

This arcade game has honor medals
<i>Play</i> Sticknology Defense
Play Sticknology Defense (3,750)

123hotdog played last

<i>Play</i> That Girl With A Gun
Play That Girl With A Gun (4,608)

ladyluck27 played last

<i>Play</i> Chronicle
Play Chronicle (4,092)

Slava Kochka played last

<i>Play</i> SkyFyre II
Play SkyFyre II (3,720)

letsplay played last

<i>Play</i> Echo Bullet
Play Echo Bullet (4,386)

giraffant played last

<i>Play</i> PhobosX
Play PhobosX (4,824)

123hotdog played last

<i>Play</i> Cube Tank Arena
Play Cube Tank Arena (3,798)

letsplay played last

<i>Play</i> 10 Bullets
Play 10 Bullets (8,424)

ckt1965 played last

This arcade game has honor medals
<i>Play</i> Gun Nomads
Play Gun Nomads (4,740)

mochaman played last

<i>Play</i> Bloons Supermonkey
Play Bloons Supermonkey (6,102)

tbonesteak played last

<i>Play</i> Zombie Truck
Play Zombie Truck (6,456)

AoiKimi played last

<i>Play</i> Monsters Rampage
Play Monsters Rampage (6,366)

smokey6661 played last

<i>Play</i> Dot-Matrix Shooter
Play Dot-Matrix Shooter (5,142)

Mimeke played last

<i>Play</i> Zombies Return
Play Zombies Return (10,806)

tengle72 played last

This arcade game has honor medals
<i>Play</i> Tankerman
Play Tankerman (4,530)

tbonesteak played last

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Arcade Boss Games » Arcade » Shoot 'em Ups

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