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Exercise your brain with this great collection of logic games and puzzles. Some games have a time limit but still require thoughtful strategies to win, and some games you can take your time and ponder your moves for hours, but either way it's going to take more than fast fingers to beat untangle these games. May the smartest gamer win.

Popular Strategy Games & Puzzles Games Random Strategy Games & Puzzles Games
Mahjong Dark Dimensions
Mahjong Connect
Mahjongg Toy Chest
Marble Motion
Word Chaos
Pooch Blocks
Kirby Treasure Caves
Cube Crash
Legend of Aladdin
Bejeweled 2 Classic
Mahjongg Solitaire
Word Search
Hot Water
Orbox B
Four Leaf Clover
Demolition Inc.
Mind Tree
Cats Vs Mice
Sports Word Search
Roni Blocks
Dragon Ambush 2
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Arcade Boss Games Activities Best Player Highscores
<i>Play</i> Overhaul
Play Overhaul (10,500)

Bafusa played last

<i>Play</i> Orbox C
Play Orbox C (10,062)

BugMeNot played last

This arcade game has honor medals
<i>Play</i> Treasure Cannon
Play Treasure Cannon (9,570)

kphurst16 played last

<i>Play</i> Steampunk
Play Steampunk (9,012)

akeo played last

<i>Play</i> Planet Adventure
Play Planet Adventure (9,786)

ladyluck27 played last

<i>Play</i> Remove Creatures
Play Remove Creatures (4,662)

greeneggsiam played last

<i>Play</i> Wordle
Play Wordle (5,460)

NewMexicoGlo played last

<i>Play</i> Go Home Block
Play Go Home Block (4,536)

123hotdog played last

<i>Play</i> Aeolus Shift
Play Aeolus Shift (3,540)

Julie played last

<i>Play</i> Demolition Inc.
Play Demolition Inc. (3,678)

123hotdog played last

<i>Play</i> Cats Vs Mice
Play Cats Vs Mice (4,668)

oldschool90 played last

<i>Play</i> PopBalloons
Play PopBalloons (4,662)

blast played last

<i>Play</i> Railway Valley 2
Play Railway Valley 2 (5,364)

oldschool90 played last

<i>Play</i> Card Match Up
Play Card Match Up (3,654)

Oscar50 played last

<i>Play</i> Jungle Collapse 2
Play Jungle Collapse 2 (5,472)

Julie played last

<i>Play</i> Mario Eats Mushrooms
Play Mario Eats Mushrooms (10,578)

letsplay played last

<i>Play</i> Soko Man
Play Soko Man (5,124)

Julie played last

<i>Play</i> Hit the Troll Players Pack
Play Hit the Troll Players Pack (6,090)

123hotdog played last

<i>Play</i> Bubble Domination 2
Play Bubble Domination 2 (3,792)

oldschool90 played last

<i>Play</i> Bobble Shooter
Play Bobble Shooter (12,552)

pinga played last

This arcade game has honor medals
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Arcade Boss Games » Arcade » Strategy Games & Puzzles

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